About Us

Mackinac Island Press publishes children's books with unique, inspiring artwork and stories that “beg for listening ears.”

Parents, grandparents, teachers, and librarians love our high quality, but most importantly - children love our books. One teacher from Grand Rapids, Michigan told us that after she read Lighthouse Fireflies to her second grade class, they applauded.

We also received a letter from a 5th grader in Columbus, Ohio who said that he would “nominate Has Anyone Seen Christmas? until it won the Buckeye Children's Book Award.”

We are proud of the awards we have won for our books, but these wonderful reactions from children are the best examples of our success, and they continue to motivate us to reach even more children.

We are excited to bring to you books that will last for generations, inspire the love of reading, expand imaginations, and allow young people to learn some valuable lessons that could make a difference in their lives.

—For the love of reading,
Mackinac Island Press